“Uniting Brand Hush” 17-2...


We are proud to come together with our 400 business partners at “Uniting Brand Hush” event, which we held in Cyprus between 17-20 October.

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Pivot Point and Hush Academy Unite!


We are reshaping and growing together to add strength to the power of our hairdresser business partners!

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Our trainings continue within the framework of the pandemic rules at Hush Academy, which was launched in 2020 and reflects our responsibility to train qualified personnel for the sector. Do not forget to contact your sales representative for detailed information about our training, which will include Pivot Point Training as well as Colouring Training!

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Sistem Cosmetic September Dealer Meeting


Sistem Cosmetic family met with dealers representing their brands all over Turkey. We would like to thank all our business partners who participated in our dealer meeting where the changes that 2020 brought to the sector were evaluated and the plans for 2021 were made.

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Hairdressers Support Koruncuk!


Organized by Hairist and Estetica magazine, the event, which was held digitally on November 16, 2020, with the slogan ‘My Salon is My Stage’, turned into a colourful feast with the beautiful designs of 30 different halls attended from all over Turkey. As Sistem Cosmetic, one of the companies that support the organization that fulfills the longing of hairdressers to come together, share their art, be inspired, and inspire during the pandemic period…

Hairist Yılın Kuaförü Yarışması

Hush is the Main Sponsor of the Hairi...


Hairdresser of the Year Contest, traditionally organized every year by Hairist, will be held under the main sponsorship of Hush Professional.