Quality for Sistem Cosmetic means catching the best in the human, equipment, project and communication stages accompanying this process, as well as the products and services we offer to our end-user and hairdresser business partners of the highest quality. Our basic parameters that we follow to assure our quality are;

  • Reliable formulation of our products with innovative approaches
  • Our products have a definite quality superiority in their market area,
  • Well-equipped quality control and production platform
  • To ensure a high standard of hygiene and strict quality control of every stage of the production process
  • To continuously improve the efficiency of the system by complying with legal requirements
  • Effective and safe logistics service
  • A dynamic and strong staff with expert employees
  • Good documentation and business process tracking system
  • Meeting customer expectations at the highest performance and evaluating their demands
  • Establishing reliable relationships with international brands that we distribute
  • Fulfilling our responsibilities towards our business partners, employees, suppliers and brands that we distribute in the best way by using our resources effectively
  • Training our hairdresser friends, who are our business partners, by including them in the quality management system
  • Realization of all our activities with social responsibility and environmental awareness

In all its activities, Sistem Cosmetic considers the protection of the environment, the prevention of environmental pollution by complying with the law, the reduction and separation of the wastes formed during the production phase, primarily at the source, and recycling or disposal of these wastes in the most appropriate way as the basis of its environmental policy. It prefers that the international brands it distributes adopt the same vision and have environmentally friendly, vegan and recyclable concepts. The basic parameters that we follow for a sustainable environment are;

  • Reducing the waste rate in our productions
  • Supporting the use of recyclable or compostable packaging, boxes, paper and parcels in all our facilities
  • Efficient and economical use of energy
  • Organizing training activities in order to raise awareness of our employees on environmental protection.
  • Use of appropriate technologies to minimize potential impacts on the environment

The management approach of Sistem Cosmetic is based on the principles of “Respect for People” and “Strength in Unity.” That’s why we believe in the importance of our employees adopting and loving their jobs, and we know that SYSTEMATIC and permanent growth is inevitable when a team established in this direction works in harmony and happily. The basic parameters that we follow in this direction are;

  • Incorporating quality manpower with the knowledge and skills required by the task into the family
  • To provide a highly motivated working environment where our employees can use their creativity and express their ideas
  • Creating participatory strategies by combining different perspectives and knowledge
  • Contributing to the personal and professional development of our employees and supporting their learning and development
  • Creating an objective environment by evaluating employee performances with third party institutions
  • Rewarding high performance, encouraging development and promotion, and creating guiding plans where necessary